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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 23, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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the holidays. >> everybody wants to be around friends and family for the holidays. >> reporter: the journey back. barbara starr, cnn, washington. >> what an enormous sacrifice for the country and happy holidays to those serving in far flung places this holiday season. season. a great show to you. -- captions by vitac -- there's blue patches in there. there's some sun. started to see that yesterday. southern california still getting a lot of bad weather but there is this good news. three other western states swamped by torrential rains this week, however, as the storm moves across the country. a line of storms known as the pineapple express because they form near hawaii, we talked about this last week and now they're moving out of that area in over the coastal and continental united states.
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look that the picture of a double rain bow shot by one of our i reporters in moreno valley, california. the all clear not sounded for southern california and areas taking a pounding. with christmas two days away, the timing isn't much worse for the folks out there. we are not talking about a little rain. look at the stuff we are dealing with left in the wake, towns under water. hundreds of people forced to three their homes in lead-up to christmas. adding to the misery, sea of mud and contaminated water. polluted beaches. 12 miles of beach are off limits because of overflowing sewers. stores closed. that's qualcomm stadium. as of yesterday, the field covered in ten inches of muddy water. crews pumped it out overnight.
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places in utah, devastating flooding. flood watches and warnings in effect for all four states. here are some of the most water logged towns in california as of yesterday. 26 inches of rain had fallen in crestline. more than 21 inches in twin peaks. almost 20 inches in twin creek. 14 inches of rain in santa barbara. reynolds is following this very closely for us for the last few days and he continues to do so. when will they get a break and where else is this going? >> break begins now. they have a break now. the problem is to see more rainfall into saturday and not done completely yet but at least with this latesten stallment of rainfall we get a breather. it is not unusual to get rain this time of year in southern california. usually in the winter months to see it and then dry out for basically the next eight months or so. eight, nine, ten months and it is not the rain but the amount
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that was so devastating for southern california. time being, things are relatively clear. that's the good news. the bad news is that that area of low pressure that caused all the trouble is now stirring up over parts of four corners. pretty quiet, almost dorr nant but what we anticipate is that that low is going to get on the move and really cause a few more problems. let's put it into motion. notice animation going from -- into friday. going to settle in the southern plains. rain to parts of texas. fast forward into saturday and sunday, that same low will kick off the eastern seaboard. two things. brings in very cold air from the north and then pile on the overrunning moisture from the atlantic ocean. that could give us some snowfall in the parts of country. for example, in atlanta, we might see dusting of snowfall in extreme north georgia. could see one to three inches of snow. there's uncertainty. that's the latest scenario of how it may play out. in terms of forecast around the rest of the nation, many people have to do some traveling.
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some people by roadway, some through the air and some people by train. what you can expect for today, if your travel plans today, snowfall in the central rockies. some snow into the corn belt. possibly a foot in iowa. the breezy conditions in the northeast. in fact, in terms of delays, that's something to see at the airports. some delays in terms of winds, new york metros, philadelphia, d.c. boston, philadelphia is misspelled. minneapolis seeing evening delays and denver freezing fog could be an issue. coming up in the top of the next hour, talking more about travel troubles you may be facing for friday and into saturday. yes, people traveling on saturday and things could get a little bit interesting, especially in the southeast. >> all into efficiency. philadelphia doesn't need a "ph." change it to "f." >> that works for me.
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>> because i lived there half the time i can say that. thanks for following that for us. over the course of the next couple of days you will see a great deal of weather and travel related reporting so for those of you traveling, it's a sense of it. this is a time of year people singing or playing holiday songs. two of them, pittsburgh steelers football team and detroit symphony orchestra who are on strike and played for free for some of the city's homeless. here's today's "sound effect." ♪ here comes santa claus here comes santa claus ♪ ♪ right down santa claus lane ♪ bells are ringing children singing ♪ ♪ all is merry and bright ♪ hang your stockings say your prayers because santa claus coming tonight ♪ ♪ >> as long as we're out on the street as it were, we want to
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spread what joy we have, what gifts we bring, whether it's just a drummer boy or a little orchestra concert to the people on the street. ♪ >> you know, you have to go somewhere and pay big, big money to see these people and we got to see them for free. that's awesome. >> warms your heart. they walked off the job 11 weeks ago. and to those steelers, nice of you to come out. that wasn't very good singing but we get the spirtd and that was nice to hear them sort of. okay. now a developing story out of rome where police scouring every embassy in the city after mail bomb attacks at two of them. the day's first blast wounded an employee at the swiss embassy. the package blew up as he opened it. told the hands so badly hurt he may end up losing one.
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not long after that, an employee at the chilean embassy opening a package when it detonated. bomb threats were phoned in to rome city hall and another government office. no devices found at the locations. julian assange is keeping busy on house arrest in england. he sat down for an interview with msnbc yesterday. a chunk of the conversation focused on assange's loudest american critics with him weighing their actions against those of wikileaks. >> it's clear that whoever the terrorists are here it's not us. but we see constant threats from people in the republicans in the senate trying to make a name for themselves, to people like sarah palin to shock jocks on fox and unfortunately some members also of the democratic party calling for my assassination, calling for the illegal kidnapping of my staff.
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assange said it seemed more like anarchy than due process when the rhetoric is aired publicly by senior political figures. thursday the curtain is set to go up. the broadway show on hold since a stunt double was seriously injured monday in a fall. today, cast and crew sat down with lawmakers and safety advocates to talk about training, safety and oversight on productions with lots of aerial stunts like that production has. well, millions of us will be flying out of town for the holidays but if you are afraid to book a flight because you're scared of flying, very common fear, we have something to help ease your anxiety coming up next. if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1.
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that's why only zales is the diamond store. only two days until christmas. many americans taking to the skies today, tomorrow. aaa predicting a yump in air travel this holiday season. nearly 3 million people expected to fly to their destination. not everyone is comfortable boarding a plane. some are down right scared. our senior correspondent allan chernoff accompanied a woman on a flight from new york to baltimore as she fought to overcome here fear of flying. it is flight day for laura edmonds. she battles thoughts of disaster.
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>> plummeting to the earth. crashing in a fiery blaze. i mean, there's so many things that jt run through my mind. >> reporter: fear of flying has been laura's debilitating anxiety for 18 years and panicked about her honeymoon. >> the wedding day, a wonderful day, surrounded by love and family but the only thing i could think about was the next day, i had to get on a flight. >> reporter: this month, laura began watching the video course developed we a retired airline pilot tom bunn and taught her the mechanics of flying and psychological strategies to fight fear. boarding the plane, laura presents a letter asking to meet the pilot. >> you'll be fine. we'll take good care of you. >> thank you. >> reporter: take-off is a challenge. refocusing the mind is the key to the program. >> not crazy about that shake. i'm going to think of my good place. you know, i'm wondering if everything's okay with the plane.
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>> reporter: laura fears the engines may fall off and keeps checking to make sure they're still attached. to push away those thoughts, the program advises focusing on the moment. >> i feel my hands. i feel the seat against my arm. >> reporter: another calming technique, watch water in a glass as proof that the plane is barely shaking. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our descent into the baltimore area. >> i don't care for the turbulence. >> reporter: but in a few minutes, the plane lands smoothly. >> that's a great feeling to be down. >> reporter: sigh of relief? >> sigh of relief. oh. yeah. i did it. >> how do you feel? >> i feel okay. yeah! >> good for her. allan chernoff joins me now. allan, you know, we all fly all the time. what i don't tell people, i don't have that same phobia but
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i'm claustrophobic. difficult to overcome the anxiety it gives you. mental exercises or something else helped her through this? >> reporter: right. well, a big part of this is just being in the moment. not letting your imagination -- >> right. >> reporter: -- run away. another key and exercise is think of it not as a whole but rather in steps. like eating a hamburger. not all at once. one step at a time. making the reservation. getting the plane. getting the gate. getting on. just remaining focusing on each little step made it less overwhelming for her. >> that's what happens to me when i think about everything else it starts to bug me. concentrating on something or distract myself, maybe you being on the plane was helpful. what is the program she used cost? >> reporter: the full program which includes 11 dvds and 2
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hour of discussion with the captain is $600. there are lesser portions of that, as well, that you can pay less, get fewer dvds but the entire program, the full thing is $600 and for laura, well, well worth it. >> yeah. it can be debilitating. great story. thank you so much for that. good to see you, my friend. >> thank you. all right. it is not over until the fat lady sings but what about when wall street traders sing? just tremendous. home sales are up. how does the u.s. stack up with other major economies coming to owning a home? hat cold needs alka seltzer plus! it has the cold-fighting power of an effervescent packed in a liquid-gel for all over relief! hiyah! dude!
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♪ ♪ wait until the sunshine nellie by and by ♪ and that's from trader tons floor of the new york stock exchange. that song became the unofficial anthem in the great depression and sing it every year around this time, written by harry von tilser. now, for a headline in business news, new home sales went up last month. recovery is still sluggish and sales up 5.5%. look at this chart by the way.
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october's median home price was $194,000, that's the lowest price in seven years. last month um to $213,000. now, let's just talk about the number affecting home sales and that is mortgages. the rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage, a rate to get if you have good credit and put 20% down on your house, 4.85%. why does that matter? because mortgage rates can entice you or deter you from buying a home. and knowing that, i want you to look at these graphics that i have got here. this is the rate of home ownership by country. here in the united states, the place that champions home ownership more than any developed country that i know of, home ownership is at 67%. in the united kingdom, 68%. canada, 68%. in australia, 70%. what are these countries doing differently to encourage more home ownership? more importantly, should we be encouraging home ownership?
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let's ask my friend christine romans. we talk about this a great deal. she is my colleague in business news and so there are two questions, christine. why isn't the u.s. which seems to do more than any other country institutionally in terms of government and culturally to get people to buy the home and should we be at the top of the that list? is pushing home ownership good? >> well, that's a big question right now, ali, because pushing home ownership for 10, 15 years, successive congresses and presidencies and people are saying, you need the government to help get us out of the housing crisis, housing crisis we not fought out of. home sales rates, 5.5% and down 20% and 30% from a year ago, a terrible year. talking about housing activity that is a third off or even more off the peak so it's a big problem. you have asked the question so many times. why does canada have higher home
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ownership or the same as the u.s. but the u.s. pushing ownership? >> and money. the other countries, you don't get a tax credit for mortgage interest. i mean, how come it works differently? >> that's right. and it just does. but now in the uk, some of the banks looking at a new model of building to rent. in germany, a lower home ownership rate, a lot of people rent and more and more people every day are renting over owning a home. big conversation happening around the world and here about the rent to own scenario and what point it might be better for some people to rent and what this big experiment in record home ownership meant for us. i remember in 2005 and six ali hitting the record home ownership numbers, at the same time, record number of the home owned by the bank, not by the person. >> that's right. >> so -- >> here's -- >> home ownership at what cost? >> european countries they have
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futile system and people live in the same apartment or house that their parents and grandparents lived in. you don't see the same rate increases in rent and sometimes the places don't get fixed up the same so sometimes apples and oranges and worthy of considering whether or not it's a noble goal to get people to buy houses. there are some studies that show neighborhoods where there's greater home ownership, people take care of the neighborhood better but at what cost? >> there's an interesting note to the clients today, ali, saying absent some sort of big intervention in the market, it will be a period of years before you break this vicious circle of a weak housing market where you will finally have demand outstrip supply of homes on the market. that's distressing. we thought there would be a recovery in 2010 or a stabilization in the market and not here yet and big economists are saying, well, we hop it's in 2011. but it's tough.
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your house is your biggest asset, biggest debt. this is a visceral thing for people what's happening in housing or not happening yet. >> speaking of government intervention, the mortgage rate is because there's all this government money. >> that's right. >> christine, great to see you as always. i have an article in the current issue of "money" magazine arguing with good credit and looking to buy a house not as an investment now may be your best time to do it and caveats to that. you can have more of the discussion saturdays at 1:00 p.m. eastern, sunday at 3:00 and your bottom line hosted by christine every saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. eastern. some of the top stories we're following right now. police are on alert across rome today after a pair of package bombs exploded at separate embassy. the chilean and swiss embassies were targeted. it's called a serious threat against embassies in rome. no one claimed responsibility for the bombings. former white house scheef of
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staff rahm emanuel can be on the ballot in the chicago mayor's race. there was questions of residency questions and within the hour they ruled that he is eligible. he's considered the front-runner in the race to replace richard daley. in iraq, fear over possible terror attacks forced many christian churches to cancel special christmas celebrations including traditional decorations, santa claus appearances and mass. al qaeda threatened more violence following an october attack in baghdad that killed 70 people. president obama settling in for r&r in hawaii and surfing, playing golf and eating sno cones. ed henry is standing by.
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♪ that is good. just never get tired of reinforcing stereotypes of hawaii and ed.
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we won't be able to play that music again. delivering as always with a fantastic shirt that i have tried to match with my shirt and tie today and i haven't achieved that. stand by. president obama arrived overnight and he gave you a bit of a shout out. let's listen in. >> i know everybody is itching to get out of here and spend sometime with their families. i am, too. i noticed some of your colleagues reporting from hawaii over the last week. >> i wonder who he's referring to. we understand, ed. >> reporter: i don't know. do you think i've stood out a little? >> little bit. the colleagues reporting on the things happening in washington. so have you. give us some news. >> reporter: well, i think it's interesting, the president might be secret fan of the stakeout. good to know. watching that the last few days and you say you're sad when the president and ed leave hawaii as if we're hanging out here in hawaii. he is on the other side of the island but, you know, they have
1:27 pm
already embraced him here selling the dash board dolls as you can see. we have the president with the board shorts and the surf board and the little hang loose, the shaka and a new addition, as well. i told you already bo is here for the first time. they have an official bo thing here. >> good lord. >> my kids love this thing. it bounces around and does all kinds of stuff as you can. we have that. not to be outdone, my daughter got this one. named it abigail and now a nickname of arrow and bo's friend. >> bo and arrow. >> reporter: i don't think arrow has anything to do with the first family, though. >> president, boy, he's got -- had a lot of stuff happen in washington before he got here. is it r&r for him or things to be doing? last christmas day we ended up with the terror attempt, attempted terror attack. what is the plan? >> reporter: that's right.
1:28 pm
look, it's been a grueling year. the oil spill, the shellacking in the election, 12 tich stitches after the elbow in the basketball game and the series of victories in the lame duck but i was talking yesterday to the former mayor of honolulu, a good friend of the president's saying he'll kick back an not do anything. take a listen. oh, okay. i guess we don't have the sound ready but bottom line is that he was talking about how this is a place where the president can come out and be very private, hang out and people largely, you know, don't bother him to keep to himself and so they're basically saying going out for sno cones with his kids and might get in some golf and no heavy lifting but a big 2011 ahead of him. >> is it a big deal there? it's a place he's associated with. do anything for the tourism or headlines in the newspaper?
1:29 pm
>> reporter: it is. funny when i was talking to the former mayor saying after the live shots of national media and the stories in "the new york times" and everyone else with the president's viz its, they noticed the last couple of years a big spike in tourism here to hawaii from people they think and looked at the stats who see the live shots in december and beginning of january and sitting there in the cold and they have a spike in february, et cetera. of course, they always get people coming, february, march. when people want to get out of the cold but for the former mayor looked at the stat and been a boost. this year alone, something like $11 million, tourism here in hawaii and so it's already a huge business but they think the president has been able to really boost it more by showing, look, not just a playground. come here, work. the president still getting the economic briefings, his national security briefings every day and staying on top of things and as you mentioned last year, unfortunately, because of that attempted terror attack, he had national security staff here giving him secure briefings and
1:30 pm
staying on top of things enjoying the surf ever so much. >> as we know, you stay on top of him, as well. despite the harassment i give you for those shirts and being on the beach, i know you are working over there. see you in an hour. good to see you, as always. regardless of where he is in the world. okay. hospitals across the country running dangerously low on all sorts of life-saving drugs. we'll tell you which ones and what's being done about it. i'm here at walter reed doing my rehab and giving a shout out to my unit, the whole 111 battalion. my family in mississippi. my best friend bogan in san diego. just wanted to give you guys shout out and i love you guys. and i'll be seeing you soon.
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happening now, they're starting to clean up in california after a deluge of rain that caused flooding and mudslides. as many as 40 homes damaged. that is not it, by the way. that's something else in a moment. damaged in hard-hit san bernardino county. i think we should get rid of that snow. nothing to do with any story i'm talking about. italy's foreign minister says there's a threat. mail bombs today at the swiss embassy and chilean embassy. a man's hands were badly injured at the swiss embassy. a late surge in profits this holiday season pulling out the stops to make sure last-minute christmas gifts arrive on time. "usa today" shorts some offering free shipping today.
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there's a major drug shortage in hospitals around the country, affecting everything from painkillers to chemotherapy medications. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins me now. is this a fact? >> it is a fact. it's not talked about a lot and it's becoming a big problem. as many as four people died because of these drug shortages and take a look at how many drugs there are shortages. this list goes on and on. shortages of the drugs. my arm is tired here. there's the end. and what's happening is that the hospitals are not able to use the drugs they want to use so here's a list of bad things happening. for example, propofol, jackson juice, a patient woke up not giving him enough. they couldn't give the right dosage. part of the right dosage and the patient woke up. there's things that are worse. a patient was supposed to get morphine, got another drug that
1:35 pm
was much more powerful and two patients died with an overdose. another one and there's a death a patient needed a certain antibiotic and couldn't get it. >> is this a budget problem or there a manufacturing problem? is this common? >> you try to make everything about business. that is the answer in this case. it is not a budget problem but a manufacturing issue. sometimes the raw materials aren't available. other times pharmaceutical companies say, hey, this drug we're making isn't making money. we'll stop making it. they're allowed to do that. >> one of the thing that is's fantastic is you bring it back to what to do if you're a patient or with a patient. you're related to a patient. what can you do to help yourself in a situation like in this? >> go to i have links to the sites to help yourself and what you will do is go to this website that has all the list of drugs and if you know that you're going to need one of these drugs, you
1:36 pm
need to talk to your doctor. sometimes you know in advance. and then you go to this site over here and that site is going to show you -- whoops. i think i x'd out of it. the other site in the blog show you where they're having problems. if you need morphine and two patients died because they couldn't get it, talk to your doctor. >> i love that you tell us and sometimes when i talk about business stuff and people ask me questions, how did you not know that, everything you tell mes falls into the "how did i not know that" category. if you think you're into hospital, check that out. the blog? >> >> thanks, as always, for bringing us such important information. a man jumps in protest as a camera rolled. what upset him enough to risk
1:37 pm
his own life. we'll tell you and bring you the video. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan called the humana walmart-. it's a new plan that covers both brand ans and has the lowest-pricednatioy of only $14.80 per month and in-store copays as . when you could save over, you can focus on the things . ♪ go to for details.
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a romanian man went to great lengths to draw attention to spending cuts in his country. he jumped 23 feet from the balcony in the parliament to protest the cuts according to local media and it was all caught on tape. you might find it disturbing but before you see it, he wasn't seriously hurt. [ speaking foreign language ]
1:40 pm
>> the 40-year-old state tv engineer apparently upset about losing health benefits when he leapt while as you can see the politicians watched. the man has a son with autism, again, he did not suffer any life threatening injuries. time now to go globe trekking. north korea is talking about launching a sacred war and using nuclear weapons if necessary against south korea. the threat follows the south's completion of military exercises this morning that it billed as the largest wintertime air and land drills in history. seoul, the capital of the south, says it was defensive. new mexico governor richardson tells cnn they were close to war arriving there last week for talks. our wolf blitzer was the only journalist to travel there with him. wolf shows us a different side
1:41 pm
of the reclusive communist nation. >> reporter: the north korean capital is different than i thought. take, for example, the subway system. it takes forever to get to the junds ground station. i never saw such long escalators. longer than the ones at the washington, d.c. metro. so deep that it could and does double as an underground bunker. here at the prosperity subway station, deep under ground. you saw how long to get through the escalators. we are really, really deep underground and patriotic pictures all over the place. as we're speaking right now, also very patriotic music going on, it's natural of pyongyang and north korea. patriotism, propaganda music and propaganda pictures all the time. new mexico governor bill richardson senior adviser is tony nakom, been to north korea 40 times back to is the 1990.
1:42 pm
we are about to take off and see where it goes. i have no idea where it goes. so far, so good. tony, what do you think about this so far? >> it's -- reminds me of an underground bomb shelter. >> reporter: indeed. >> very colorful station and all the paintings and the color and very crowded midday. a lot of people moving forward and moving backwards. >> reporter: do people pay? >> yeah. they pay. >> reporter: how? i didn't see -- >> a qwon per ride. >> reporter: how much in the u.s.? >> 100 kwon to a dollar. >> like five cents? a nickel. >> most people use six-month passes for 100 kwon. >> that's a dollar? >> very cheap. >> reporter: for a dollar ride for six months. pretty good deal. we are moving now.
1:43 pm
pretty smooth. but sometimes it goes dark. electricity shortages are always a problem in north korea. we went to this high school where the students were in cold classrooms with overcoats, so cold you could see their breath. the rooms were not well lit. here we are, this is a square. as you think scan see, it's hug magnificent and events here which is totally understandable. these are government buildings over here. and this is a magnificent palace over here if you want to flip over and see the foreign ministry and then you see this marvelous structure over here. this is a brisk, cold day on this friday here in pyongyang. but it's nice. there's not a whole lot of traffic here. it's icy. the streets are icy, snowy. see people shoveling. and there you see the hammer and sickle of this communist
1:44 pm
government. you see lenin, marx, manifestations of the communist philosophy and then young people and not some not so young shoveling snow understandable given what's going on. it's brisk, lovely. it's a nice day here in pyongyang. we drove all over the north korean capital, saw lots and lots of buildings. some looked impressive and i wonder if they were just for show. were there really people living inside? i couldn't get access to find out. we also went to the international library where they have lots of less than state of the art computers. they also have a music room with old school boom boxes and headsets, folks listen to favorites. i was surprised by some of them. ♪ and she believes in me who would have thought, governor? we are here at a library. in north korea.
1:45 pm
pyongyang. and we're listening on the big box over here to kenny rogers. how are you? i had some fun seeing the north korean national north korean girls hockey team jogging outside the national ice rink. we are running. we are running. everybody's looking good. i couldn't help but join them with my hand held camera shooting away. wolf blitzer, cnn, pyongyang, north korea. >> wolf, if you don't know, from buffalo, new york. not scared of little bit of cold weather. governor richardson will be on cnn in the 3:00 p.m. hour right here and t.j. holmes will have a conversation with him and what he makes of the new developments of north korea threatening war on south korea because of the new tests that took place. next, see what's super smart berkeley students came up with
1:46 pm
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no one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift. ♪ it's the lexus december to remember sales event, and for a limited time, we're celebrating some of our greatest offers of the year. see your lexus dealer. all right. with the holiday season comes traffic madness across the country. according to the department of transportation more than 4 million miles of roads chris crossing the country and on those rods there are more than 255 million registered cars. and probably some unregistered ones. we are a car driving nation like no other and in today's big i i want to tell you about brand new
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technology to track the maintenance of the car you drive. it was developed by a group of business school students at university of california-berkeley. in the last week, the technology won the annual innovation challenge giving them the title of america's most innovative mba team. the leader joins us now from new york city. scott van brunt is with us. when's innovative of a system to maintain your car properly? >> yeah, well, we were working with jiffy lube, the biggest oil change provider in the u.s. and what they wanted to figure out is how to help consumers like myself, those 16 to 30 do, a better job of maintaining the vehicle and how jiffy lube can work with them and we helped them develop an online port alto simplify the process by taking the records online, by creating a personalized game plan for your car and your vehicle, and giving you the tools via online
1:50 pm
tools, text messages, et cetera that lets you know how and when to maintain your vehicle. >> tell me the innovation. i know most people don't look in their manual which should tell you when you change your oil or keep your tires inflated or a service. when's the big advance here? >> yeah, that's exactly right. i think most consumers think of it as a bit of a chore went 'wanted to simplify the process and created a portal online with two services. first is personalization based on your vehicle, vehicle's history, currentvehicle's curre well as you as a driver yourself. where do you drive it, how much do you drive it, what are the conditions? what is the specific plan that we can lay out, the road map over time for you to properly maintain your vehicle and maximize the value of your vehicle. that's part one. part two is the set of interactive features that go
1:51 pm
along with that. the reminders in terms of text messages and e-mail reminders of when to do that as opposed to just a sticker in your window. also features such as multiparty maintenance of a car. so, for example, if you are an adult with a child at college and they're away somewhere else and you're worried about maintenance of that vehicle, our system allows multiple parties to have ownership of that. i can go on as a parent, see that my kid's car is due for an oil change, prepay for that service, and they'll get a text message alert to let them know they need to stop by jiffy lube and get that service taken care of and it's already been paid for. it can change the way that consumers interact with the way they maintain their car. >> scott, thanks for joining us. congratulations on winning the innovation challenge. check out the innovation challenge on let me bring you up to speed with the latest developments. the storm system that's pounded southern california with
1:52 pm
torrential rain is finally moving out of the state. in its wake, destroyed or damaged homes, streets covered in mud or water or both and torn-up roads and bridges. some areas remain under flood warnings. turning to the economy, new home sales edged higher last month, but the recovery remains sluggish. the commerce department says sale s increased 5.5%. they're off 21% compared to a year ago. the median price of a home is up, but new homes are a very small part of the paululatiopul. if you use skype, it crashed and brought down connections yesterday for millions of people around the world. skype blames the problems on failure of supernodes. those are part of skype's peer-to-bepee peer-to-peer networks a lot of people stressing out, but has the economy played
1:53 pm
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1:55 pm
all right. what kind of toll is the economy taking on your holiday season? we'll have some new numbers. our chief national correspondent john king joins me now from washington. hey, john. >> ali, hopefully most people are in good spirits out there as
1:56 pm
the holiday approaches. but if you are, be careful. many around you might not be. has the economy made this holiday season more stressful than in previous years? 44% of americans say yes. more than 40% of americans say yes. that's up from last year. the toll of the recession even though the economy is starting to grow still hanging over people. be mindful of that. the lame duck session is over. i heard you talking about the president's accomplishments this year. one of the guys that helped was the senate majority leader harry reid. we had a conversation with him last night, and he promises to work closely with mitch mcconnell. harry reid told us divided government doesn't mean you can't get things done. we'll see how that plays out. more of our conversation with senator reed tonight. lastly, the senate race in alaska is just about over. lisa murkowski ran as a write-in candidate. joe miller challenged her votes. the supreme court says this vote
1:57 pm
will be certified as a murkowski victory. the miller campaign says it's still looking at its options. this goose appears cooked. >> all right, john. thanks very much. john king, we'll check in with you again, our next political update is just an hour away. all right. i got breaking news for you right now. i want to tell you about a mine collapse. i want to ask my executive producer where this is. what state this is in. i do not know what -- okay. this is in florida. we have a mine collapse in -- on state road 50 in sumpter county, florida. on the phone with us right now is chief bill gobranson. chief, we understand we are look at pictures right now. we understand there is a rescue under way. >> that's correct. we were notified shortly after
1:58 pm
noon of a mine collapse. the type of mine here is an aggregate mine, rock and material that makes cement, so it's an open mine. what happens is blasting occurs and then the aggregate is mined out with crane-type devices called backhoe and a drag line. a gentleman that was inspected after the blast occurred actually collapsed as a shore of the -- of the mine fell in on top of him. so we've compounded rescue efforts with earth and also the water that surrounds the mine. so we're looking at about a -- a pit that varies in depth from 50 to 100 feet. the gentleman was inspecting the blast site when the shoreline collapsed. and the shore is unstable at this time. we have an underwater rescue team, two engine companies from the sumpten county fire and
1:59 pm
rescue and a paramedic unit from lake sumpter ems standing by until we can make enter. the mineomp officials tell us shoreline is unstable. until we can make entry, we're going to use a crane to lift a boat over the unstable with rescue divers in place. >> so when you say the shoreline, you're saying it's aggregate, which a lot of people will associate as being like gravel basically. so it's loose. so you've got to place some distance away from that shoreline to get -- get a rescue unit above it to get to this person who has become trapped? >> you're exactly right. and the -- the situation is there's a berm that's created around the mine of the loose aggregate. the same stuff that goes into making the concrete and other,
2:00 pm
you know, building construction materials. that's in a loose granular format around the lake, which is created from the mining operation. so that's going to be an engineering feet as we wait for the crane to lift a rescue boat into place. >> do we have contact with this person who has become trapped? >> no, we don't. we received a call shortly after the -- shortly after the collapse of the shoreline occurred. our first arriving fire engine companies were on scene about 11 minutes after receiving that call. our hope is that the cool weather that we've had here in florida and this is a very deep existing lake that the patient is going to be in hypothermic condition, so we've been given full authority to commence resuscitation on the hypothermic concept that --
2:01 pm
>> okay. i think we may have lost contact with the chief. we are looking at pictures there of sumpter county off of state road 50 in florida. the collapse of a piece of an aggregate mine. aggregate is loose around the shore of a waterline. and that's what they're trying to get figured out. they can't get to the edge of that area that has collapse. we're getting pictures courtesy of wesh. you see those rescue personnel there, but they can't go in after this person that has fallen in because there isn't enough stability on the shore. so they're trying to get a -- a crane short of device that they can put on that solid area where you see all of the vehicles assembled that will extend into the pit and be able to go in on this rescue. we understand that one man who was inspecting this is the one
2:02 pm
who has gone into the mine. as the chief just told us, they do not have contact with this man as of now. we will continue to follow that for you. our producers will monitor that situation and we'll bring you more as we learn about it. it is one minute after the hour. finally, a little bit of good news for southern california and three other western states that swamped by torrential rains this week. the line of storms, which we know as the pineapple express because they form near hawaii, are starting to move out of the area. this picture of a double rainbow was shot in california. possibly the ray of hope that many people there have been waiting for. the all-clear hasn't been sounded yet for southern california and three other areas. western arizona, southern nevada and southwestern utah. with christmas just two days away, the timing of these storms couldn't be much worse. look at this. left in the wake are towns under water. hundreds of people forced to flee their homes. roads and bridges torn up. adding to the misery, a sea of
2:03 pm
mud covering streets and cars, plus contaminated water and puletp polluted beaches. take a look at this. that's the flooded qualcomm stadium in san diego, the site of tonight's poinsettia bowl. the game will go on as plan. here's what people in st. george, utah, are facing. devastating flooding. flood watches and warnings are in effect in all four states concerned. here is the most water-logged towns. just in california. as of yesterday, 26 inches of rain had fallen in crestline. 21 inches in twin peaks. 21 inches in twin creeks. reynolds wolf is here to tell us more. >> we could see another resurgence of shower activity in parts of california, especially as we get into christmas day.
2:04 pm
chance of rain moving back into the area. maybe even snow in the high elevations of the sierra nevada. in terms of it being the same type of intense system, that will not be in the cards. that is the good news of all. right now in california, things are relatively quiet. not a lot to show you on radar at this point. that area of low pressure that we were following that brought rainfall and snow to california is now drifting over the four corners. if you zoom in, you can see that moving through new mexico and the higher elevations. some of that is coming down in the form of snowfall. the question is where is that low pressure system going to go? the answer is right here. let's put this into motion. you'll notice this is going to kick off from 2:00 p.m. on thursday. the track of that low goes right through texas, bringing heavy rainfall to the dallas area. then into saturday and sunday, it moves off the eastern seaboard. it's going to do two things. it's going to bring in additional moisture from the atlantic, but the second thing it's going to do is bring in a reenforcing shot of very cold air into parts of the deep
2:05 pm
south. charlotte, perhaps even parts of carolinas, south carolina, even into columbia should see snowfall. also into atlanta. for the first time since 1882, we could see some snow. right now the numbers could be around an inch or so, maybe a few places in the city a bit more. still, there's a lot that may change in the forecast between now and then. for everyone else, we've been following that storm system. the next big thing we'll see is a chance of snowfall into the northern plains. that may actually spill over into portions of iowa. some places say in the next 24 hours, it may get up to ten inches of snowfall. certainly big. very significant. and that area of low pressure moving into portions of the signal rockies. very quickly, the delays we have on the board right now, these are the latest. one in newark, at liberty, you've got a delay of an hour. at new york and jfk, currently a 50-minute wait for you. think about that. snow a possibility in atlanta, first time since 1882.
2:06 pm
interesting history. >> i saw snow earlier this year when we had a few snow events. i like snow. >> good to see. >> kind of shuts the flplace do a bit, but it is nice. this is the time of the year that you find a lot of people singing or playing holiday songs. two that cocaught our fancy. first, the steelers as you've never heard them before. ♪ here comes santa claus here comes santa claus ♪ ♪ right down santa claus lane ♪ >> as long as we're out on the street, as it were, we want to
2:07 pm
spread what joy we have, what gifts we bring, whether it's just a drummer boy or a little orchestra concert to the people on the street. ♪ >> you know, you have to go somewhere and pay big, big money to see these people. we want to see them for free. that's awesome. >> the detroit symphony walked off the job 11 weeks ago in a dispute over a management proposal to cut salaries. new developments out of rome. italy's interior minister said those mail bombs sent to two foreign embassies came from greece. last funmonth, 14 mail bombs we sent. so far, no claim of responsibility in today's attacks. the first one seriously wounded an employee at the swiss embassy in rome. the package blew up as we opened it. his hands were so badly hurt, he may lose one. not long after that, an employee at the chilean embassy was
2:08 pm
opening a package when it detonated. his hands and face were hurt, but he's in okay shape. bomb threats were phoned into another government office. no devices were find there. and we hear the curtain is going back up to night on the next performance of "the spider-man musical." today, cast and crew sat down with lawmakers and safety advocates to talk about training and oversight on productions with lot of aerial stunts. millions of us will be flying out of town for the holidays. if you're afraid to book a flight, we've got something to ease your anxiety after the break. stay with us. an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody.
2:09 pm
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okay. a lot of us will be traveling today or tomorrow. look at that. look at that. those are all the planes in the sky right now. a lot of people who fly are actually scared of doing it. it's one of the most common phobias, the fear of flying. how do you overcome that if you have to do it? our senior correspondent allan chernoff accompanied one women
2:11 pm
while she tried to overcome her fear of flying. check this out. >> reporter: it's flight day for laura edmonds as she checks in and heads to the gate. she battles thoughts of disaster. >> plummeting to the earth, crashing in a fiery blaze. i mean, there's so many things that just run through my mind. >> reporter: fear of flying has been laura's debilitating anxiety for 18 years. she even panicked about her honeymoon. >> i couldn't enjoy my wedding day. i had this wonderful wedding surrounded by love and family, but the only thing i could think about was the next day. i had to get on the flight. >> reporter: this month, laura began watching a video course that's taught her the mechanics of flying and psychologically strategies to fight fear. bording the plane, laura presents a letter asking to meet the pilot. >> you're going to be fine. we'll take good care of you. >> reporter: but take-off is a challenge. refocusing the mind is the key
2:12 pm
to the program. >> not crazy about that shake. i'm going to think of my good place. i'm wondering if everything is okay with the plane. >> reporter: laura fears the engines may fall off and keeps checking to make sure they're still attached. the program advises focusing on the moment. >> i feel my hands, i feel the seat against my arm. >> reporter: another calming technique, watch water in a glass as proof that the plane is barely shaking. >> i don't care for the turbulence. >> reporter: but in a few minutes, the plane lands smoothly. >> that's a great feeling. >> reporter: sigh of relief? >> sigh of relief. yay! i did it! >> how do you feel? >> i feel okay. yay! >> i fly a lot. you fly a lot.
2:13 pm
i actually get a bit of a fear, mostly from claustrophobia. she was on a little plane, which never helps you solve the problem. was it just this technique that she learned that got her through that? a lot of people prefer to take a little pill that their doctor gives them. >> well, she had tried the pill routine. she had tried cocktails on the flight. those didn't work at all. it's all about making sure your imagination does not get -- just staying focused on the moment. and she had a very active imageination. but she made it through. she did okay. you did see anxiety there, but she put those exercises into practice and they worked. she didn't scream. >> the anxiety -- and i feel this sometimes -- is always the battle between the possibility as unreal and unrealistic as it might be and unreasonable as it might be along with the reality that i'm on a flight and chances of something going wrong are actually very small. how in general does this program
2:14 pm
deal with this concept of dealing with anxiety? >> well, the whole idea is understand the mechanics of flight. understand how airplanes actually work. they're not just going to fall out of the sky. the engines are not just going to fall off. and then as i said, just stay in the moment. practice those exercises. those exercises where she was sitting in the seat saying, oh, i feel my hands, et cetera, that's bringing her back into the moment away from her imagination. >> great story. thanks for bringing it to us. >> thank you. president obama arrived in the middle of the night to start his hawaiian vacation a few days earlier. why do we know that? our friend ed henry, those are his feet right there live on the beach. he was waiting for him when he was supposed to have arrived the other day. finally, ed and the president reunited. [ sneezes ] you're up next.
2:15 pm
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2:17 pm
♪ all right. there he is. if you didn't see him, he's the guy with shorts matching that umbrella on the right of your screen. ed henry is mixing it up on the beach in hawaii. the president stayed in washington, he arrived over night. do we still have that audio? even the president has been watching the fact that ed henry has been in hawaii. before he left washington, he actually commented without saying ed's name, ed, he commented to the rest of the press corps that they're going to get to join you in hawaii. now you are all together. >> it's great. you know, i was just talking to somebody who said the president was in a meeting the other day.
2:18 pm
and it popped up on the screen, the stakeout. we was rolling his eyes like what in the world is going on? ed is already out there. we're trying to figure out the world's problems. i understand. i just wanted the president to know i was trying to get out here, make sure i got the story straight and got her early enough. i feel like we have the relationship, we're friendly enough, that i can trust you. you know, i got up at about midnight local time to do "american morning" and john roberts was ragging on this shirt. they didn't see the shorts. i'm breaking them out for you, the board shorts. maybe you like them, maybe you don't like them. >> i like that you're getting somewhere with mixing your patterns and colors. that's what i'm -- it's appealing to me. >> it's a little red, white and blue. a little patriotic. carol hits me at 6:00 a.m. eastern and then john roberts said, you know, i like your shirt. i had one, but he said that his sweetheart had told him to bring
2:19 pm
it into good will. and so i think if you're saying the shirt goes to good will, it's not really a compliment. then i go to bed to get some sleep before i'm on with you, and i understand that tony harris made me the random moment of the day and had a montage of my greatest hits with different fashion problems and whatnot over the years. so, you know, all i can say is, you know, maybe it boils down to one word, come is jealousy. and secondly, that might be the last time i get up at midnight to do an early live shot for "american morning." >> you'll never get that kind of disrespect on this show. when did the president come in? he got in in the middle of the night? >> he got in in the middle of the night around midnight local time, when i was getting out of bed for "american morning." not that i'm bitter. our senior photo journalist, peter morris, got a really interesting shot where the president had a ceremony. you can see it. they put a lei on and it was a welcome. peter saw him get into the limo
2:20 pm
and almost immediately take the lei off. i guess he was tired. he's like, done with that. and then he let out kind of a big yawn. you can't blame the guy. it's been a bruising year. he had some ups and then a series of victories in the lame duck. but he also had everything from republicans trying to dismantle that health care reform, still pretty sour economy, the shellacking in the election, and he even took an elbow to the mouth and had 12 stitches. and the oil spill. it's a very -- it's very interesting how this year has seen a lot of highs and lows for this president. that's why when you talk to anyone on the staff or his friends out here, they say he's got plans to do nothing for the next week or so. he's going to kick back and enjoy hawaii. why not? >> hopefully if that happens, you might get to kick back, too. we look forward to seeing you on tv. fantastic shirt i think, ed. good to see you. ed henry on the beaches of hawaii. breaking news from florida.
2:21 pm
an aggregate mine collapsed in sumpter county, florida. it's trapped a miner under water. the ground gave way. one worker fell into a pit full of water at the phosphate mine. there's been no word from the miner for the last couple of hours. rahm emanuel can stay on the ballot in the chicago mayor's race. there were questions about whether he met residency requirements in chicago. 90 minutes ago, the chicago board of elections ruled that he is eligible. he's considered the front-runner in the race. coming up, q & a with richard quest. today we are putting our carnic hats on and predicting the future of business. what will 2011 hold? so, during sign then drive i can get a cc for just my signature? that's right, right now you can take home a volkswagen for just your signature.
2:22 pm
like the cc, or the tiguan. huh. yeah, plus every vw includes scheduled carefree maintenance. really? that's great. there you go. oh, that guy's pretty good too. yeah, he's ok. [ male announcer ] it's amazing what you can do with a pen. sign then drive is back. for a limited time get any 2011 volkswagen for practically just your signature.
2:23 pm
quest means business and so do i. we are here together in the cnn "newsroom" around the world. hello, richard. >> hello, ali. each thursday, ali and i coming
2:24 pm
to you around the world. we're talking business, travel, innovation, and it wouldn't be q & a if anything was in limits, so we're off limits today. >> today we're talking about the future. we'll talk about our big predictions for business and innovation in 2011. we've given ourselves a pretty wide berth. when you give richard one, he takes it. we'll let the amazing richard go first today. you have 60 seconds, sir. >> i am a hopeless investor, a dreadly person. i couldn't sell water in the desert. even if i use one of these predicting balls. i guarantee you it will say, oh, i'm just going to have to wait. so instead, i asked my team what they thought would be this year's predictions for next year. and here we have it. this is annie. look at annie with the hat. annie's prediction is that gold
2:25 pm
goes to $2,200 an ounce. she's wearing that hat. we only had one hat. adam had to wear it next. he believes at least two more european bailouts in 2011. a different hat, the crown for the queen. that's gale. she's in charge, my producer. gale believes global leaders will pledge to make the round back on track by next year. and, of course, they'll fail. so those are the predictions from me from this side. >> wow. what a way to pass that off on to other people. blame it on your staff. when i come back a year later and say, none of that came true, you got -- me, i'm taking my responsibility. what are we concerned about? the world wants economic prosperity back. let look at the things that make most people feel prosperous or lack prosperity. look, the stock market, the place with we invest our money or those who give us our money
2:26 pm
for retirement, you're doing well. we've had two years now. the stock market is up again around the world. i think we're going to have a strong year in stocks. whether you like it or not. let's look at the economies around the world. you will see more trouble around the world, but we'll see a year where things start bifurcating. richard, the part of the world that you spend time in will become more prominent in our economies than the part of the world i spend time in. we'll see very, very strong economies and very strong opportunities for people to invest and do well. i actually think people are going to learn to speak the languages of countries like china and india and brazil to do better in the next year. most importantly, richard, as this becomes a more global and shrunken world, i predict you and i will be spending a lot more time on tv together. that is a good thing. >> now that's a prediction we can both agree with, ali. actually, i'll tell you what. i will give $20, ali, to your
2:27 pm
favorite charity if you could spell bifurcate for the first time after this program straight off, before we get -- go on. >> b-i-f-u-r-c-a-t-e. >> the check is in the mail. >> let's bring the voice in and see which one of us gets to end the year in the top position. hello, voice. >> all right. now that the spelling bee is over, we can start with the q & a. question number one for you gentlemen, according to ibis world research, which of these industries was the world's most profitable by margin in 2010? is it gold mining, mining support, marriage counseling, or oil drilling? i believe ali. >> mining support. >> mining support. and the home field advantage
2:28 pm
clearly goes to ali velshi. you are correct. mining support was number one for 2010 and, believe it or not, marriage counseling was actually number two. richard, feel free to participate. question number two now. which of these noted prognosticators predicted the widespread use of digital books? was it nostradamus, george orwell, stanislaw lem, or was it gene roddenberry? richard? >> i'm going for roddenberry. >> how embarrassing for you. ali velshi? give it a shot. >> george orwell. >> embarrassing for you as well. gentlemen, the correct answer -- >> it's going to be -- it's got to be c. >> yes, got to be c at this
2:29 pm
point. >> congratulations, guys. that was really impressive. yes, stanislaw lem in his book "return from the stars" he wrote about crystals and recorded content that are read and navigated by touchscreen technology. question number three, richard, this is your chance to even it up and end the year on a high note. ali, this is your turn a awaway with it. which of these companies was incorporated in 1911? was it ibm, kodak, sony, or walt disney? ali? >> kodak. >> how sad is that? richard? >> all right let's go with big blue. >> you've got to give a letter. >> can we get him the ding? yes. >> ibm.
2:30 pm
>> there it is. ibm, richard, you are correct. the company was called computing tabulating recording company, ctr. a few years after it was incorporated in 1911 and the name changed to ibm. you guys kind of ended on a tie. i apologize. we don't have a bonus round for you. but there you go. >> it a tie, richard, because you made me spell bifurcate and i got it right. >> i think we can both agree it's been an enormous amount of fun during q & a. that will do it for this week. and for this year on the q & a part of our programs. we'll be here next year on thursdays on quest means business 1800. >> we'll ignore the fact that richard refused to spell ibm. and in the "newsroom," 2:00 p.m. keep the topics coming in on our blogs. tell us each week what you want us to talk about. see you next week, richard. >> see you, ali.
2:31 pm
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happening now, a mine collapse in sumpter county, florida, has trapped a miner under water. the ground gave way and one worker fell into a pit full of water at the phosphate mine. the mine's aggregate used to make cement. they're starting to clean up in california. as many as 40 homes were damaged
2:34 pm
in san bernadino county. flood watches remain in effect. and south korea wrapped up controversial live fire military drills today. 15 miles from the border with north korea. north korea threatened to attack if the south went ahead with the drills. south korea's president said he'll respond with, quote, merciless counterattack. time now to go "globetrekking." in rome, a pair of parcel bombs thatjured two people came from greece. the first explosion today happened at the swiss embassy. a package bomb seriously wounded a 53-year-old mailroom worker who opened it. his hands were badly injured. he could lose one of them. there was no warning before the attack. shortly after that, another bomb exploded at the chilean embassy. it also wounded one person who had to be taken to the hospital. no one has claimed responsibility for either attack. police have launched a citywide inspection of all foreign embassies.
2:35 pm
in afghanistan, a new report sheds light on civilian casualties in that nation. the blames the taliban for 76% of the deaths and injuries in the first ten months of this year. 2,000 people were killed and just over 3,800 wounded. the international committee for the red cross is also weighing in on war casualties in afghanistan. it says a kandahar hospital has nearly 1,000 new patients with weapon-related injuries. the icrc says the situation for aid organizations is the worst it's ever been. >> we feel that the conflict is entering a new and more murky phase. there seem to be more local armed groups active in the country. some of these groups may be affiliated with the government. some may be affiliated with another position. others may be affiliated with themselves, may just be criminal groups. >> the aid group provides help to nearly 600,000 afghans.
2:36 pm
it's concerned that deteriorating security conditions will prevent them from getting help to those who need them the most. well, they fell in love on a movie set. lived, loved and had a baby together. it's scripted for happily ever afted. but suddenly after three years together, they split. not five months later, he was dead. bad combination of prescription drugs, tragic accident. williams kept her m-- mum in mourning. coming up on the third anniversary of ledger's death, the actress opened up on "nightline." >> the notion that your life can change in an instant -- >> i know. i got kind of obsessed with that for a while, before and after. a lot of things died. there's a line from a book that gave me so much comfort. it said, when you've truly lost everything, then at least you can become rich in loss. >> so i'll give you one.
2:37 pm
the greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning. have you figured out the meaning yet? >> boy, i found meanings around the circumstance, but the actual event itself still doesn't have -- i can't find a -- i can't find it. i can't find a meaning for it. i can find meanings in things and people and relationships that have sprung up and friendships that have strengthened. i can find a lot of meaning in that. but not in why, you know? >> michelle williams is raising their daughter on her own. matilda is 5 years old now. seven people killed in six days in new orleans. a body found in a suitcase in new york. and the serial strangler in philly still on the run. all that right after this. 're d, the first self-injectable r.a. medicine you take just once a month. taken with methotrexate, simponi® helps relieve the pain, stiffness
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2:40 pm
in today's "crime and consequence," we start in new orleans where seven people have been murdered since saturday. kendall rains was shot and kill and car early sunday morning. he was a student in a nursing program. his family is devastated. >> it's unimaginable. this is an experience that you have to feel in order to get the full effect of it. i don't wish it on our worst enemy. >> six other people have also been killed in new orleans this holiday week. a local rapper was killed along with another man. and then three people were shot. tuesday, a man in his 30s was found dead by a maintenance worker. authorities say the murders are not connected.
2:41 pm
in new york, a woman's body was found in a suitcase in harlem. look at the surveillance video from the police department of what seems to be a man rolling a suitcase in the area. he's wearing a knit cap, a leather coat, pulling a suitcase. that suitcase was found yesterday morning just four doors down from a landmark new york italian restaurant. the woman is described by police as a black woman in her 20s or 30s. >> that's very strange. i mean, i guess maybe no one noticed it. but this block is relatively quiet. >> so far, no arrests have been made. the cause of the death was described by the medical examiner's office of neck compression, which could result from a number of things. authorities aren't giving us any information other than that. in philadelphia, a serial strangler is on the loose. so far, three women have been found strangled to death in the kensington district of philly.
2:42 pm
dna has linked the death of the three women. all the victims were involved in prosecution and narcotics. police are trying to determine if the deaths are connected to three other attacks of women. it attacker is likely still in the ten-block radius where the attacks occurred. police talked to the media about why thithiey think this is a se killer. >> this is a third murder in the same area in a short period of time with the same type of victims. we do consider it to be a serial murderer. >> this is the sketch of the killer. grainy surveillance video has been released by the philadelphia police. the assault victims describe the attacker as an african-american male in his 20s weighing between 160 and 170 pounds. the investigation is limited to philly but could be broadened out if police learn about similar crimes elsewhere. authorities are offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to arrests and convictions.
2:43 pm
we'll bring you up to speed on the top stories this hour. a pair of parcel bombs that injured two people in rome today came from greece. the attacks are similar to a wave of letter bombs sent last month by a greece-based anarchist group. one person was seriously injured that swiss embassy. another at the chilean embassy in chicago, the board of elections has given the green light to rahm emanuel to run for mayor. you'll recall he resigned as president obama's chief of staff to try to succeed richard daly. the board's move came after deciding he met residency requirements. voting is set for february of next year. if you use skype, you know it's been a devil of a time. the free internet phone service is working to get back to normal after crashing and bringing down connections yesterday for millions of people around the world. skype blames the problem on the failure of supernodes. those are parts of skype's peer-to-peer network that facilitate calls between users. you may think of boxing as a
2:44 pm
violent sport, but it's a tool against violence in chicago. we'll meet a former gang member who is trying to help kids avoid his mistakes. ♪ [ female announcer ] if you want to just push messes around, dishcloths are just fine. for a better shot at getting surfaces clean, you'll want bounty extra soft. in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface 3x cleaner than a dishcloth. even with just one sheet. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft.
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in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins.
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hi, i'm cory zooks, united states marine corps. i just want to say hi to my group back in afghanistan. i miss you all. have a merry christmas. now a story that seems appropriate to the season. derek brown used to be a leader of one of chicago's most notorious street gangs. he was known as a fighter, but now he's using his tough-guy reputation to mentor kids.
2:47 pm
here's his story in his own words. >> i had six blocks that i corrupted. i was trapped up in a life of selling drugs. shotgun, it came from when i -- i actually stayed across the street. this was a big gambling spot. one day, they was outside gambling, and i looked out my third-floor window and i see the whole crowd just disburderous.j. i see this car jumps on the sidewalk and run this guy over. i came off by back porch. boom, boom, boom! shooting the shotgun. the kids right now call me coach brown. you know, coach derek is what i tell them to call me.
2:48 pm
what i'm doing, i'm watching you. try to hit me right there. it's a big problem in the city. for one, it's not enough programs that's over here. it's not enough community centers. ready, go. all your punches, straight. there you go. perfect. what's ironic is i went to this school right here. there's bullet holes in this wall that came from me. you can see. bullet holes from this wall that came from me.
2:49 pm
it's two parents, though. it's your home parents, whether it's your father or mother, and it's the streets. that's something that goes unnoticed. you know, the streets will take your kid and turn into what they is. i look at them. i think hope. i think somebody is going to be something in life. somebody is going to be definitely bert than me. put some snap to it and keep your hands tucked in. you don't have to grow into nothing negative. you can see all negative, but know how to handle it. you know, i'm not just teaching them how to box. i'm teaming them to box their way through life. there you go. good. that's a champ. >> teaching them to box their way through life. to meet more people like derek brown, be sure to watch "giving in focus" hosted by cnn's tom foreman. it airs at 4:00 p.m. eastern christmas day here on cnn. well, the president's former chief of staff gets some good news in his run for mayor of chicago. that is ahead. then you may need help finding the right plan for your needs.
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there it is, the beautiful statue of liberty off the tip of southern manhattan. it is cold. there are people there ready to get on the ferry to get back to manhattan. cold out there. that place just never stops being busy. another busy city, and another cold city, rahm emanuel good to go in the chicago mayoral race. john king joins me with our political update. john, most people thought it was going to go this way, but there was a chance that after quitting as the chief of staff for president obama and going back to chicago that they weren't going to let him run for mayor.
2:53 pm
>> there was a big question about his eligibility. there is a state law that says to run for office, you have to live there for a year before the election. a bunch of people said, hey, rahm emanuel lived in washington. but that's service to your country and that's allowed. the board of elections decided today that rahm emanuel will appear on the ballot. that's a big victory for him. he had to testify for 12 hours about that. very feisty. he will be on the ballot. here's another big question about the holidays. does the stress of the economy make the holidays more stressful because of all the troubles? what about charitable giving? has the economy forced you to cut back on your charitable donations? 58% of americans say yes. that's up from 51%. more evidence that as the economy starts to grow, people are having to hold back because they're still having tough times. and lastly, the queen of america, oprah winfrey, she's talking about sarah palin in the
2:54 pm
new issue of "parade" magazine. would sarah palin run for president in 2012? oprah says, it does not scare me because i believe in the intelligence of the american public. ouch. oprah doesn't think much of sarah palin. yet she thinks highly of sarah palin's show. she says, quote, i would say america is going to fall in love with her for the reality series. i said, whoa, she's charming and very likable. we know oprah thinks sarah palin is charming and likable, she just doesn't want her to be president. >> aside from ed henry who's been on the beach for a few days r the rest of you in washington who cover politics exhaling now? you know, the congress stuff is done, the president is in hawaii. are you saying you've got a few days where you can collect yourselves and think about the next year? >> yeah. as a guy who was the senior white house correspondent for a long time, boy, he played that card well, didn't he? the nice floral shirts. we're exhaling, but there is a lot to study. i know ed is studying, too.
2:55 pm
what happened? how do we have all of this volatility? the president had a horrible year. then he had a great two weeks. the republicans are having a great year and then they're mad about what happened in the lame duck. there's a lot to sort through, the ashes of 2010. 2011 is going to be hugely consequ consequential. >> you're right. thank you, john. john king, your show, "john king usa," every week night on cnn. your next up date is just an hour away. all right. next up, we'll visit what's got to be the census worker's favorite town ever. but be warned. pretty sure there's no starbucks there. my doctor put me on an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody.
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[ inhales ] [ exhales ] ask your doctor if symbicort is a good choice for you. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. we love little details here. it's the community at the highest elevation along interstate 80. it was reportedly once robbed by butch cassidy. but that's not why one wyoming town's true claim to fame.
2:58 pm
today from adam chodak of kusa. >> reporter: the town of buford as a population of one. >> the first question, am i the one? when my manager works, i have to have them a wear a sign that says, no, i'm not the one. i'm don. i'm the owner of the buford trading post. >> reporter: he's zip code 82052. >> people are amazed they can meet the entire town in just a flash. >> reporter: he moved to buford from california in 1980. >> i've always been happy here, and i still am. it was a good life for all of us. >> reporter: not long ago t had a population of three. >> well, originally it was myself and my wife. then we had our son. then about 15 years ago, the wife passed away. >> reporter: which left just father and son. >> my son said it was a dictatorship while he lived here. but i told him when he turned 18
2:59 pm
that he would have a right to vote. >> reporter: but that right wasn't enough to keep him in town. >> about three years ago, the son grew up and moved away. >> reporter: that left sam and his store. >> this is not a post office. this is buford trading post. >> reporter: and his own brand of happiness. >> where do i have to go to get my own zip code for velshiville, t.j.? >> you already have it. we changed things up as soon as you moved to atlanta. you've got like a minute left in your show. are you sure you don't want to talk to about something else? >> i'm fascinating by a town with one person. i'd share a town with you. >> it's not going to be big enough for the both of us. >> t.j. takes it away with norm. here we are coming to the top of the hour. i am t.j. holmes. we are keeping an eye on a story we've been watching throughout the day and getting new


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